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Our Frozen Take &
Bake Fruit Pies

Apple, Apple Crumb, Blackberry,
Blueberry, Cherry, Cherry Crumb,
Bumbleberry, Peach, Peach Riot,
Pecan, Red Raspberry, Rhubarb,
Strawberry Rhubarb, & Tripleberry

❄️Winter Store Hours❄️


Tuesdays, Noon–5pm

Wednesday, 9-5 pm

Thursday, 9-5 pm

Friday, 9-5 pm

Saturday, 9-5 pm


Sundays & Mondays

Pot Pies

Keep frozen until ready to bake

Chicken Broccoli Cheese

Option to Order Ahead:

Pre-orders require at least 24 hour
notice, and we don’t do pre-orders
during holiday weeks. Call our store,
614-818-9300, during regular
business hours, and speak to one of
our sales associates. We will not
accept voice messages for orders.

Just Pies complies with the latest COVID-19 guidance from federal, state and local governments.  There is a limit of 3 customers in the store at one time.  Masking and social distancing is strongly encouraged
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